Where to Find the Best Cherry Blossoms in New York City

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When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, one of the most beautiful signals that spring is finally here is the sheer number of fluffy pink sakura trees that can be found out and about. And so from little-visited islands to frequented destinations, here’s your ultimate guide on where to find the best cherry blossoms in New York City!

Cherry blossoms in Central Park

When do the cherry blossoms flower in NYC?

Of course, every year is different and, depending on how long and cold the previous winter was will depend on exactly when the blossoms will flower. It’s also worth noting that different kinds of fruiting trees will flower at different times.

For example, while plum and almond blossom (the latter being characterised by its fluffy white flowers) tend to bloom earlier, cherry trees (sakuras) are one of the latest sets of fruiting trees to bloom. In New York City, the cherry blossom trees tend to bloom towards the end of March and the beginning of April. If the winter period has been particularly cold, then the trees may not bloom until mid-April.

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Where to see the cherry blossoms in New York City

Greenwich Village, Manhattan

The historic district of Greenwich can be found on the Western side of the Island of Manhattan. Characterised by its independent stores and many opportunities to go thrifting for vintage clothing, a spring highlight of this neighbourhood is to go strolling down the little side streets in search of spring blossom.

Greenwich Village, Manhattan

The Historic Trinity Church cemetery in New York

Situated in downtown Manhattan, Trinity Church is to be found in the Financial District and the first church on site was constructed as early as the 17th-century. Visitors today will be able to see the third church constructed on site, which is built in the Gothic Revival style. Come springtime, the cemetery on the church grounds is home to a handful of beautiful and blooming cherry blossom trees.

The Historic Trinity Church cemetery in New York,

Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn

If you decide to head anywhere outside of Manhattan on your first trip to New York City, make it Brooklyn. Hip and trendy, this borough of New York is known for iconic landmarks and attractions such as Coney Island, Prospect Park, and Brooklyn Bridge.

During spring, you can head to the exterior of Brooklyn Museum to snap Instagrammable photos of the cherry blossom tree directly outside of the regal exterior of the cultural institution. Head inside the museum itself and you can expect to see all sorts of art works. After all, the museum is the third largest in physical size in NYC.

Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn

Japanese Garden at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Yet another location in Brooklyn which is well worth a visit during cherry blossom season is that of the Japanese Garden, which in turn is situated within the grounds of Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. The 52 acre park is so well-known for its beautiful blooms that you can even track the current status of the blooms on the ‘cherry watch’ page of the BBG’s website.

Japanese Garden at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Roosevelt Island

The beautiful Roosevelt Island, which is in the borough of Manhattan, is easily one of the best places to enjoy cherry blossoms in New York during the spring time. All along the banks of New York’s East River, visitors will be delighted to discover tree upon tree of beautiful fluffy pink blooms setting a stark contrast against the NYC skyline of skyscrapers and modern architecture.

East River on Roosevelt Island
Roosevelt Island
Queen bridge to Roosevelt Island

West Village

The beautiful West Village can be found, as you may well have guessed, to the West side of Lower Manhattan. The district is best-known for being the site of the Stonewall Riots in 1969 which were one of the most important events in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights in the United States. During the blossom season, beautiful blooms can be found along various streets and in a handful of parks in the area.

west village cherry blossom

Central Park

Of course, no guide to blossom season in NYC would be complete without mentioning Central Park, which is hands down the destination in the city where you’ll find the highest concentration of cherry blossom trees, i.e. sakuras in the entirety of the city.

The highest concentration of cherry blossom trees can be found between 72nd Street and 96th Street. Areas which are particularly abundant in trees include Cherry Hill, Pilgrim Hill, around the Reservoir, and on the Great Lawn.

Cherry Blossoms close up with buildings in background, Central Park
bow bridge central park

Argyle Park in Babylon, Long Island

Though not technically in New York City but instead a day trip away, one of the most beautiful places in the entirety of New York State to enjoy cherry blossom season is in Argyle Park in Babylon on Long Island.

Argyle Park in Babylon, Long Island

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