Dash And Lily Filming Locations in NYC

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For fans of all things festive, Dash & Lily is a must-watch comedy series following a pair of teenagers exchanging notes and riddles in New York City during the holiday period. Of course, thanks to the Big Apple being used as a backdrop for the show, there are many locations from the show that you can visit for yourself. Heres’ your guide to Dash and Lily filming locations!

Editor’s note: Please note that if you have not watched Dash & Lily yet, then this article contains spoilers. You’ve been warned… As of October 2021, Dash & Lily has unfortunately been cancelled and so there will be no season 2.

Union Square, Manhattan

The first time Dash and Lily actually meet in real life (though unbeknownst to them) is when Lily is there to sing Christmas Carols while Dash is seen to be unhappy about the entirety of the holiday season. Visit Union Square in NYC today and you can expect to find outdoor performances on a regular basis, as well as plenty of casual eateries and cafés. 

Union Square, Manhattan

The Strand Bookstore, New York’s East Village

The Strand is one of New York’s most iconic bookshops, and so it’s quite fitting that the first prominent NYC location to be featured in Dash and Lily is the shop itself. Located in the East Village in lower Manhattan, the Strand is named for the London street of the same name and boasts a staggering 18 miles worth of books. In the Netflix series, Lily leaves her notebook there for someone to find.

The Strand books NYC New York State

Two Boots

Two Boots is not the name of a shoe shop or clothing store, but actually the name of a pizzeria… And this isn’t the first time that the pizza shop has featured as a filming location. Two Boots was also featured in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

The chain has several branches across the city, though Dash & Lily was filmed at the East Village location. The pizza joint is known for its unique flavour combinations and is also a true joy for non-meat eaters- there are a plethora of vegan and vegetarian pizza slices available to purchase.

Ferrara Bakery

Yet another foodie spot which features in the show is Ferrara Bakery. This delightful eatery is located in the Little Italy portion of the city and sells authentic Italian food, including Italian desserts. The bakery is particularly well known for its Cannoli and has been in operation since 1892.

Macy’s Herald Square

As we get to know the two characters better, Lily sends Dash out on a number of dares. One such dare is to ‘steal Santa’s Hat’. The store that Dash has to go into is the Macy’s on Herald Square. In reality, this huge shopping complex is the Macy’s flagship store. Inside, shoppers will find everything from homewares to men’s ties to children’s toys.

Washington Square Park

In the show, Lily’s singing group performs carols at Washington Square Park to bring joy to passersby. In reality, Washington Square Park can be found in the Greenwich Village portion of Lower Manhattan. The 9.75-acre public park is free to visit and is one of the most famous parks in the city.

Washington Square Park

Grand Central Station

If you’ve ever seen movies set in New York before, then no doubt you’ll have spied Grand Central Station at least a few times, including in Gossip Girl, Friends with Benefits, and Step Up 3. In Dash & Lily, Grand Central Station is used as a filming location when Lily asks Dash to take her to the place in NYC that ‘feels most like him’.

The Morgan Library and Museum 

In the show, Dash spends the night in the Morgan Library and Museum with his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately for us, a night at the museum is probably not possible! However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t visit the Morgan Library and Museum for yourself. The cultural hub is home to the likes of rare scripts, European artwork, and even an early Dickens manuscript of A Christmas Carol.

Central Park (Bethesda Terrace)

Of course, when it comes to any film or TV show set in New York, Central Park almost always gets a look in. No place has been filmed at perhaps quite as many times as Bethesda Terrace, Fountain, and Steps. In the show,

The Terrace is one of the park’s only ‘formal features’ still standing to this day, with the original band stand and Casino restaurant having since been demolished. One of the most striking features of the area is undoubtedly the Minton tiles which decorate the undercover section of the grand staircases.

Bethesda Terrace NYC

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